Remember – negativity perpetuates itself, therefore, breeding more negativity.

Today, I woke up thinking about how other’s I-me-myself attitude, anger & resentment keep us exhausted, both mentally & physically.

Often the negative energy that their words, action & stupid reactions create, make us also to emulate their attitude & behave like them. Because, negativity perpetuates itself, therefore, breeding more negativity.

Darling listen – Instead of mirroring anyone’s blackness, I want you to practise pouring your thoughtfulness, goodness, auspiciousness & positivity on these people, their behaviours, attitudes & reactions.

Darling listen – it is good to be good & bad to be a bad. Self explanatory, isn’t it? Please also understand that good people know what is good & what is not. 

Therefore, I want you to dedicate yourself to cultivating positive qualities like being more calm, loving, tolerant, forgiving, meaningful & to decreasing negative emotions like arrogance, anger, resentment & ill will.

Sweetheart, I am talking about cultivating the attitudes & actions that are good for your inner peace, health, happiness & to avoid attitudes & actions that might obstruct it.

Let your day be filled with respect, praise & unconditional love – both giving & receiving.

Stay Positive & Blessed 💐

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