Poor souls don’t have the ability to cut those behaviours which are not worthy of appreciation.

I wish you to know that no one in this world is exempted from saying or doing silly, irreverent & bad things; but saying & doing them deliberately & repeatedly is a devil’s thing.

Sometimes harsh words are said in anger & wrong acts are done on the spur of the moment. But the awakened souls will immediately realise the wrongness of their thoughts, words or deeds & not only they will regret over these but will also cut it out immediately.

Darling listen – not everyone has this ability & courage to accept behaviours which are not worthy of acceptance & appreciation. You can do it because you are an amazing, great, powerful, special & divine soul.

But these poor souls do not regret their wrong doings, because they do not consider the bad as bad. On the contrary, having power over others & watching them suffer excites them.

These perverted people are often ignorant about their own selfish acts, which reflect their feelings of greed, jealousy, desire or hatred for others, but can clearly see others’ mistakes, attempts & will criticise loudly.

The best part is these egoistic people don’t want to know their mistake & if somehow they get to know it, they don’t want to accept it (what to talk about correcting these 🤭).

Nevertheless, I want you to always place yourself in the shoes of other people & mirror the feeling that they have in reaction to what you have said or done to them (even unintentionally or by mistake). I want you to always realise & accept your own mistakes, no matter if it is big or small 🙏.  Admitting your faults & mistakes will not only help you to grow as a person, but will also add to your self confidence & personality.

I wish that you always remain pure in your intentions, thoughts, words & deeds. I hope that you leave traces of love, forbearance, goodness & gentleness behind… 🙏

Stay Positive & Good to all others & Yourself! Cheers 🍻

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