Fake it till you make it!

I am sure like anyone else, you too admire some people for their heroism, success or for their personal or professional achievements & accomplishments.

I also know for sure you think of becoming that person in your thoughts, so many times. This post is to tell you how to become the person you admire…

First, I want you to take the time & think about the person you want to become & then pinpoint the specific qualities you admire most. Just begin to reflect on them daily.

I mean – think of what their daily life looks like; their good habits, their routines, their actions & their way of responding (handling) to the situations. Start showing up to these commitments & qualities, start building upon them, step by step & day by day. Remember that you don’t become them overnight, you build them. Start becoming & growing from today.

Darling listen – the best & simplest way to become like the person you want to become is by beginning to act like them NOW. The famous saying is “Fake it till you make it.” It means, be brave & pretend to be someone, even if you are not. I am sure you can do it easily!

Believe me, while you are acting like the person you want to become, projecting that confidence, ambition, style, energy, dynamism, mettle & spirit out into your present state of mind, you will not fake it for long… Soon, you will be living it. That’s the secret, recipe & the recommendation!

Be proud of your dreams, your aspirations & your hopes. Most of all, be someone that you’re proud of. Good Luck & Best Wishes 💐

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