Reciprocity is important not only on Diwali but everyday!

As you know that Diwali is a festival of light, prosperity, love & exchange of sweets & gifts with our loved ones.

Today I wish you to recognize this mutual exchange of gifts & sweets as reciprocity. This article is all about explaining to you the importance of reciprocity in our daily lives.

When you give money, you get a product or service, similarly in life also people constantly exchange energy, love, warmth, togetherness, respect, thankfulness, gratitude & appreciation with each other on daily basis (directly or indirectly).

But what about the cases where there is no reciprocity (exchange). So my question today is, for how long will you continue to give when there is no return or exchange? Think about it seriously 😳?

Darling listen – it doesn’t cost anything to return a compliment, love, support & kindness.

Otherwise, sooner or later, people will find it senseless & stupid to continuously pour their energy, affections & love into a black hole, who selfishly neither fully appreciate nor returns their benignity, goodness or consideration.

Sweetheart, it is not a duty of humble & gentle people to always prove that they are good to you. It is mutual. It is give & take. Everyone needs something in exchange. Being selfless is not being foolish 🤭.

Let all the happiness, peace, love & joy you spread around, come back to you a hundredfold. Season’s Greetings & Blessings 💐

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