Can you free your energy, that is used to hold back parts of you that you do not want to show…

Today I want you to move your falsehood, delusions, self doubts, beliefs & big egos aside & step into your own truth (with all your original colours).

Darling listen – by asking you to step into your truth (light), I mean: returning to the state what it was like before this world & situations diluted, contaminated or vitiated you. I mean: begin to show up as you originally are.

Let me tell you why I am saying this because in reality you are a resilient, unstoppable & dynamic person inside & can do much better than what you are doing. Always remember that. Take a moment to own your real self fully & start living your life joyfully, inclusively & with full responsibility.

Believe me, you will become less tired, less exhausted & less sick when there is no more pretending, no masks & when you free your energy, that was used to hold back parts of you that you did not want to show.

Once again I repeat, stop pretending to be someone you’re not & be more of your true self. Sweetheart, believe me, stepping into your own truth (light) & fully showing up is the most important thing you can do for yourself & your world.

It’s your time to shine & enter a new phase full of success, higher thoughts, spiritual wellness, positive connections, love, peace & blessings.

My good wishes & blessings are always with you 💐💐

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