Scale up your playful side, spiritual gifts & powers to scale down the noise & nonsense.

I wish you to know that when you are under the skies where you are likely to get into war of words & spats, see the bigger picture from as many perspectives as possible before you say or do anything you might regret later.

Pay attention to words that tumble out of your mouth. Pay attention to your actions & responses in the situations.

Darling listen – a mere slip of tongue or an unintentional action or response could undo a lot of hard work & leave you with messes to mop up for quite a while.

Sweetheart, I want you to be a little more deliberate than normal in all your interpersonal communications & in doing things especially when you are feeling drained, edgy, unhappy & are frustrated.

I want you to see everything from a mature perspective, look beyond everything & keep your words, actions & responses within your locus of control. I want you to use your inborn wit (humour) & one liners to smoothen the differences, lower everyone’s stress level & communicate in a way that strengthens & deepens your relationships further.

One more thing before I finish this post, you don’t have to allow everything into your energetic field that is fearful, heavy or dense, that can distract you from your core purpose & most importantly your positivity, productivity, flow & peace. Scale up your playful side, spiritual gifts & powers to scale down the noise & nonsense.

Always remember that you like everyone else possess within yourself at every moment of your life, under all circumstances, the power to resolve conflicts, keep your flow intact, stay inspired, remain high spirited & to transform the quality of your life & those you love.

I pray to God to make this week a fantabulous & blessed week for you & your loved ones. I wish & hope that you will flourish, shine & become multiple times better very soon. Good luck & Tons of Blessings 💐

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