Remember — it’s not about how you start, but about how you finish!

I know it is too early to think of the year end. But I just thought to remind you that there is still time before the new year to tie up the loose ends, finish what you started, complete the pending work & accomplish something.

Sweetheart, whether 2022 was a year of growth for you or a year that taught you some important lessons, it’s finally coming to end in less than 2 months. If you spare a few minutes on taking stock of your affairs now, it will really help you to enter in New Year with better energy & hopes.

Darling listen – knowing where you’ve been at beginning of this year, where you’re at, where you want to go & doing what is needed before it’s late is a perfect way to set yourself up for grand success in 2023.

Sweetheart, when you pack your bags for New Year “take what resonates & leave what doesn’t”. I mean – brainstorm on what’s been working for you, what is not, what is giving you all those good feelings & what is making you feel bad. Think of what you need to maintain or expand in next year – or get rid of, if you can. Think of what you will like to start, stop & continue next year. Accordingly, take action right now.

Also mentally scan your soul, heart, mind & yourself from head to toe, Notice anything that feels tired, weak or achey. Notice if something in you is hurt, unhappy & frustrated. Notice those things, thoughts, feelings or deeds that you are not so proud of. Also notice everything that you are so proud of, your greatest accomplishments, your achievements & happy moments. Believe me, you will thank me later for this small exercise.

We’re going to need to be our best selves in 2023. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling 2023 is going to outdo 2022 – in more ways than you & I can even imagine.

That’s why, I will recommend you to Aim high & prepare yourself. The list I compiled is the minimum you can do for yourself in November & December. 

Before I recommend you to do something, I’d want you to get rid of some of the unhealthy habits & behavior that are holding you back & stopping you from your greatness. Some of your daily rituals & activities are exactly what water is to fire. Get rid of the:

  • “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality. Let go of laziness. Let go of avoidance.
  • Let go of the lies you tell yourself.
  • Let go of your anger & resentments.
  • Let go of poor business ethics & practices.
  • Let go of anxious thinking.
  • Let go of thoughts of superiority.
  • Let go of putting everyone else ahead of you.
  • Let go of the sloppy (excessively casual) look.
  • Let go of thinking you need things that you don’t.
  • Let go of believing that happiness is anywhere but within you.

You can quickly do following before this year comes to an end.

  • Start working out everyday & loose 10 KG. Prioritise your health.
  • Start something significant & begin using your time wisely. Increase your value & numbers.
  • Upgrade your wardrobe.
  • Join a Gym, Club & start networking.
  • Start a new ritual or routine.
  • Form a new positive habit.

Remember — it’s not about how you start, but about how you finish.

Sweetheart, before your TV announces the end of 2022, make sure to do something to make yourself feel better & accomplished. You have enough time.

I pray for you from the bottom of my heart that before 2022 comes to an end, all your heart’s desires be granted & all your prayers be heard. Let the year end in joy for you & for your world. Tons of Blessings 💐

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