Let you follow “One fool under one roof is enough” rule & practice letting go!

I don’t know about you, but when you ask people to look inside their mind & ask what they saw or found – the answer on average was – rubbish or garbage!

Just to make it clear, I am talking about negative & hurtful memories, bitterness, resentments, grudges or regret from the past & those collected or accumulated negative thoughts & stray desires that are utterly unworthy. You may be totally unaware of these.

I am also talking about that trash which often gets left behind week after week, year after year & sometimes even lifetime after lifetime. It is the trash that you have not been able to get rid of…

Darling listen – just like the trash in a dustbin, if not cleared leads to rotting stenches, unwelcome pests & the formation of hazardous bacteria……, the garbage in your mind or heart also tends to grow, stink & pollute the whole environment.

Sweetheart, negativity, foulness, rubbish & filthy thoughts inside us grow till they impel us to filthy actions that only make things worse, sometimes horrifyingly worse for us & everyone around us.

If you don’t want to increase the inefficiency, ineffectiveness & mess in your life, start minimizing the quantity of garbage in your heart & mind. Just as a bin that is cleaned regularly remains usable, so too a heart or mind that is cleaned regularly remains usable, instead of becoming useless or even harmful. Keep your bins cleaned 🙏.

How do we take out the trash that has encumbered your heart or mind for years?

There are two popular methods of maintaining a clean & tidy mind or heart. The first is not to allow any new rubbish to pile up & the second is to work hard at scrubbing away all the smut that has already accumulated. So simple 🤣.

Sweetheart, the solution is – choose consciously what you take in, what you dwell on & what you turn away from. I also want you to stop reacting unnecessarily, follow “One fool under one roof is enough” rule & let go. Practicing these regularly will bring clarity, peace & balance in life.

I know that there is no doubt the previous events you faced were definitely hurtful, they are now in the past. The pain we feel in the present is often self-created – you only add to your own misery by feeling sorry for yourself & replaying certain events in your hearts over & over again. By doing this, you keep your pain fresh & alive.

You need to quickly get rid of your fouler trash if you want to become more productive, happy & healthy. There is no choice!

I wish & hope that you make it a daily task to take out the trash & keep your heart & mind clean. Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings 💐

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