The key to your personal, professional & spiritual growth is Awareness!

I am no one to educate any morality. To me, AWARENESS is the only morality, the only fair play or the only ethics, because out of awareness you cannot do anything wrong. It is always your unconscious mind which forces you to do wrong things.

Darling Listen – Awareness is your superpower. The more aware you are about your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions & reactions, the better you understand the reasoning behind the things you do.

Sweetheart, as awareness grows, slowly slowly, your whole being becomes luminous with no dark spot inside you. Your awareness gives you the ultimate power to choose, to act, to respond & to change everything about you & your world 🥂.

Remember, the key to your personal, professional & spiritual growth is AWARENESS & turning your awareness into action. Master the combination of inspired action + awareness & see the magic!

Tons of Good wishes & Blessings 💐

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