May you do everything you can to be worthy of the chance that you’ve been given to carry on…

We all know that there are Heroes all around us – in the books, in the shows & in the movies we watch. But today I am not talking about these Superheros who generally find their desired treasure after conquering a famous demon or who sacrificed themselves to save others’ lives.

Today, I am talking about those Real Heroes who exist all around us, serving others, showing up & doing their best each day. I am talking about these Real life heroes who are mostly Uncelebrated & are Quiet type.

Darling listen – I am talking about all those family members, friends & ordinary selfless people who give us so much more than they ever ask for in return.

I am talking about all those men & women who are inclined to do good, to be good, no matter what & make each day count.

In a world that is so selfish & cruel, it’s really heartening to see these people inclined to love one another, living with a sense of mutual regard, living each moment with that same compassion that they will have in their final hours.

My profound appreciation, love & admiration for all of them. A part of me also recognizes that their intent, courage, resolve & motivation is far greater than my own & that humbles me to my core 🙏.

Sweetheart, whether we know it or not, we all possess a capacity to rise to the occasion. We all have same potential to be a Real Life Hero & to be great.

I hope that you begin to encourage & support each of them with a full heart & allow yourself to BE a little more like them, the “quiet heroes” that surround us. I wish you to do everything you can to be worthy of the chance that you’ve been given to carry on. Let you live up to their example!

Tons of Blessings 💐

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