Build up & recognize who you want to be or can be & what’s important to you….

It’s okay if you don’t know everything. Infact no one knows! But it is not okay if you don’t know about yourself completely.

You may not agree with me completely but believe me – most of the people you walk around with doesn’t know anything about themselves, even if they know all about the Universe. Like you, they are also constantly engaged in giving wrong ideas about themselves to others & themselves.

Darling listen – you don’t need to know everything about others, but in order to become the most valuable person to the world around you, the best human being or partner or parent etc, you have to first know who you are in real, what you value & what you bring to table.

Knowing yourself fully is a journey or a process that involves breaking down – shedding layers that do not serve you in your life & don’t reflect who you really are. It also involves a tremendous act of building up – recognizing who you want to be or can be & what’s important to us. It is passionately going about fulfilling your unique destiny – whatever that may be.

Sweetheart, you can achieve the true sate of upliftedness (that makes everything possible for us – that creates the “go for it” spirit we crave) by getting rid of your state of being false, by taking off your masks & by disarming your egoful mind.

Today I wish & hope that you swiftly find out, who you are really, what are your real strengths or weaknesses & what is it that you want or plan to do with your one wild & precious life.

Let you become true to yourself again & reclaim your power by starting to see yourself as the beautiful, strong, bold, courageous being you were created to be.

Good wishes & Tons of blessings 💐

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