How will you choose to operate (good or evil), if you were followed by a camera crew everywhere?

Today, I wish to ask you – do you do your dumb stuff because you believe that no one is watching you šŸ¤”?

Believe me, eyes of God are in every place, watching the evil & the good. Neither evil will go unpunished, nor the righteous unrewarded.

Darling listen – act like God is always watching you to avoid doing your evil or shitty things.

I don’t know about you in particular, but there is something in me & in so many others that constantly push us to do right & make us feel responsible & uncomfortable when we do something wrong.

Sweetheart, every life is full of ups & downs. You can allow life’s circumstance to either make you do evil or do good. The choice is completely yours.

You may choose to do anything or live in a way that is best for you. All I can say is this: if you believe in the theory that “God is watching you”, then in the worst of circumstances, you will always have more peace & joy than those who do not.

How will you choose to operate from this moment forward ? Good or evil?

Stay Being Good & Doing Good! Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings šŸ’

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