Use your full strengths & talents in ways that are useful & meaningful to you, to your families, teams or to your world.

It’s okay, if you take 60 minutes or 90 minutes to defrost after waking up to find yourself or to gather yourself once again. Start your day by thinking & planning (after the stretching) to improve your life & your world. Let it be your first noble attempt to bring a sense of health, well-being & happiness, while capitalizing on the fresh energy that a new day usually brings.

Darling listen – I just want you to live everyday meaningfully & intentionally. A meaningful life may sound like a high aspiration for you right now 🤭, but you can simply think of it as making each moment of the day matter, once you get out of the bed.

Sweetheart, while wearing the face to face the world in the morning start your day by noticing that in so many ways your life is already meaningful. Believe me, dedicating & bringing some energy to those areas will help you immensely.

In the morning itself (everyday), remind yourself about your natural gifts, strengths, passions, values & all that you can do. Motivate yourself to use your full strengths & talents in ways that are useful & meaningful to you, to your families, teams or to your world. This is living a meaningful life. This is a powerful way to change the level of game.

Sweetheart, making sense of time & space, enhancing your sense of belonging, nurturing your relationships & expanding your community, dedicating your energy in attempting to do what you should do, instead of just doing blah-blah is not just a routine, it’s a sacred ritual.

Let this season bring you comfort, light, laughter, love, peace, success & happiness in your heart. Tons of Blessings 💐

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