It is all in divine order…

I wish you to know that right where you are, your every day & your every moment is sacred. It is all in divine order.

Although you may not realize it right now, everything around you & every life, including yours, is very much sacred, a gift, a surprise & perhaps, an expression of divine intention. Stop taking anyone or anything granted.

Darling listen – just change your perspective, silence your mental noise & give yourself permission right away to do whatever it takes to untie the knots, undo the stress & unleash your real spirit (potential).

Once you silence your inner critic, get rid of nasty thoughts, decrease your weariness, vice & greedy (selfish) desires & stop trying to control things in your own way just to satisfy your ego, you will begin to see joy, love, light, peace, humility, kindness, generosity & little miracles via your family members, friends, teammates, stories, events & experiences everywhere.

Sweetheart, in your uncertainties, doubts & especially when you don’t really know where the road is going, please remind yourself that everything is great & sacred between the lines, beneath your wings, over your head & at your back, always.

I want you to begin cherishing the extreme value of every minute of your day & every small thing instead of searching for larger than the life miracles, large vistas & sweeping significances to believe the sacredness & your blessedness. You are incredibly fortunate, favoured, glorified & blessed!

I wish & hope that you begin to experience the divine order in everyday life & stay peaceful, free, blissful & utterly alive! Tons of Blessings 💐

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