Align your days & dedication with your prayers, real goals & highest intention…

I wish you to know that the coming year will be filled with good luck, smiles & joy for you & your family. I am sending you lots of love & good wishes 🥂!

Also please know that these days, lot of people who have the ability to think clearly & sensibly are evaluating & trying to find ways & means to improve themselves & their world. While a lot of others are busy in finding excuses, blaming & judging others.. as usual 🤣.

That’s the whole point today – always remember that your life is your own. If you are mad – you are mad – You have to sort it out: it is your deed! No one to lean on, rely on or blame. No apologies or excuses. You alone are responsible for the quality of it. Nobody else is responsible for you, only you are responsible 🤭. 

Darling listen – you can choose to live in your fears, confusion & worries with your arrogance, or you can begin to stay in the essence of your practice, center yourself & be the one that demonstrates patience, compassion, mindfulness & thoughtfulness in everything you do & say.

Get the right perspective, get inspired & take action. That’s the only way to build your best life! You’ve got this!

I want to encourage you to align your days & dedication with your actual prayers, real goals & highest intention. Make yourself a light.

Let your presence, pure intentions, words & acts of thoughtfulness make people know that the world is still beautiful, smiling, optimistic & hopeful & that they can trust their God for the increase in the blessings!

I wish & hope that you remain blessed with peace, prosperity, happiness, good health & achieve grand success in the coming year… 💐

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