Living In Now theory is not to make you good-for-nothing, weak or slothful.

Yesterday I read a quote from a big scholar and guru of our times saying – you should live in the now, you stay present & feel the moment. You hear it almost everywhere these days. I also have said it many times in my articles.

But let me make it clear that “Live In The Now” is not about forgetting your past & ignoring the future outcomes or escaping your responsibilities. I am sure it doesn’t mean that you just enjoy the breeze, the insects, the sun rays, your pets, TV, sitting around & being lazy…. Seriously? Then how can you ever make good use of your life or time?

I think the point our Gurus & everyone is trying to make is that we should be more conscious of whatever we’re presently doing, thinking & saying, so that we can live fullest, be at our best & achieve the best out of our life.

In my opinion, Gurus are insist on living in the present moment, mainly because we live in the age of distraction & our best (happiest) version & our brightest future hinges on our ability to pay attention to the present.

Darling listen – Live in the now means when you’re working on something very important for example, you’re a surgeon carrying out an operation or you’re a soldier in war facing live gun fire or maybe you’re a fast driver on high speed or you’re a lawyer listening to the accused, you have to really be present at that moment. You have to keep your attention focused on what you’re doing because once your attention goes off even for a second, it could prove to be very costly, disastrous & fatal for you . This is because you don’t need to be thinking of the future or the past when you’re doing what you should do in the present.

Deep focus on your breaths & what you say, think & do in the now is needed. That’s what they call mindful living or living in now.

When you’re at work, you fantasize about partying in the evening; when you are partying, you worry about the pending work. Your monkey mind actually makes you good for nothing. Live in now is a practice to calm down your monkey mind & focus on what you are doing, saying or thinking. Hope you understand it correctly.

Living in the now doesn’t mean that you should never think about the future or shouldn’t consider the past before taking any decision. If you cannot see beyond the present when you need to, then how can you ever make any progress in life?

We have a lot of useful lessons from our pasts that we can apply to our present moments. We cannot scrap all those important lessons in the name of living in the now.

It’s important to anticipate possible outcomes for the future, to enable us keep working towards what we want. Or else, we will find ourselves lying around wasting our time & we won’t even take advantage of opportunities that come our way because we never anticipated them.

Living in the now philosophy is not a short cut to be happy. I repeat, it is not to make you good-for-nothing, weak or slothful. It is to make you more at this moment – more responsive, more responsible, more active, more happy, healthy & more successful 💪.

Please don’t take this or any other theory & interpret a quote just to fool yourself. You need to stay focused. You need to stay present when you need to be present, you need to think & plan for the future when you have to & you need to remember the past & apply the lessons learnt when you have to.

You shouldn’t be stuck anywhere within the past, present or future. You need to know that these are interconnected & one cannot do without the other.

Sweetheart, that’s why you need to understand that living in the now means only thing – being conscious of what you are presently doing rather than always being stuck with the past, present or future. It’s crazy.

You need to know when to live in the now (be present), when to consider the future (but never get stuck worrying about it) & when to remember lessons from the past (rather than keep regretting it).

Let you begin to Live More In Now – more active, more open with intentional attention on the present. Now (This moment) is the greatest thing that you have. Be wise, put all your energy, your enthusiasm, your passion & commitment. I hope & wish that you make full use of this moment, of what you have right here & now, whatever it may be, to bless yourself eternally.

Good luck & Best Wishes for your 2023 💐

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