You are a Hero, not a thumb sucker!

Heroism is not only about fighting & winning wars. It’s the way you walk, talk, think & do things everyday. I am not talking about death-defying, split-second chance heroes, I am talking about you, the everyday hero.

I wish you to know that there’s a Hero inside of everyone & believe me I am not saying this to make you feel good.

Darling listen – whether you accept this or not, you are not a coward, wimp & weakling. You are not a sheep & never a victim. You are a mighty force of nature & a dynamic producer, a lion & leader having more power than you can imagine.

Sweetheart, I am sure you are not a thumb sucker who is dependent on the deception, false belief & associated with making excuses & blaming others. You are not the one who is constantly whining, complaining, rationalizing & justifying why your life is a succession of bad luck, poor circumstances & others not doing their things properly 🤭.

For God sake, become aware of all those acts & less-than-ideal behaviors or reactions, if any, that don’t let you feel like a Hero or serve you & those around you.

Every day, you are presented with an enormous opportunity to shift from any form of victimhood into everyday heroism. Every day presents the opportunity to realize & use your personal greatness & powers.

It is the best time to change a few things about yourself (the way you talk, walk, act, the things you eat, daily habits/routine, the people you associate with, the things you watch, social feeds that you read & other things that you know are holding you) & place your focus on your desired direction or Higher Goals. The moment you change or liberate your inherent Hero, you will open up to an important fact that there are infinite possibilities in every moment to be a Hero.

Sweetheart, I repeat – with steadfast commitment & regular efforts, you will evolve into an an extraordinary Hero, a champion & a genuine world-changer, in your own honest & excellent way.

Looking forward to seeing you harnessing your real potential & your primal powers, doing amazing things, making astonishing progress & contributing to your own & others’ well-being everyday in 2023.

Good Luck & Blessings 💐

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