If you don’t continuously practice an ability, it will disappear or no longer be viable…

Today, I wish to remind you of this popular saying or a principle – “Use It or Lose It”. It means that if you don’t continue to practice or use an ability, you will lose that ability or skill.

If you don’t exercise, you are likely to lose strength, stamina & endurance. The same applies to your brain. Brains cells also operate under the same general principle: Use it, or lose it. If you do not use your brain daily & adequately, then your brain loses its function 🤣.

Darling listen, this adage is crucial & pretty much applies to every single thing in your life – starting from your muscles, function & skills to your potential, money, talent & resources.

If you do not engage in or utilize your things timely or if you don’t continuously practice an ability, it will disappear or no longer be viable.

Always remember – unused money devalues. Unused talent diminishes, Unused potential decays. Unused machinery disintegrates, Unused time dies. Unused knowledge becomes a burden. What isn’t used is lost 🤭.

Sweetheart, the tragedy of life isn’t the ultimate death, but the resources that die within you when you are still alive.

I wish & hope that prevent or at least slow this natural state of loss by staying active & using them constantly.

Stay Happy, Healthy, Successful! Blessings 💐

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