Are you serving & nourishing your ego instead of your soul?

We all know that we must choose what is good for our soul & not for our ego. But we do exactly the opposite of it. 

We all are very much familiar with both our ego & our soul. Our ego is the internal voice that tell us again & again that there is no ‘WE’, there is only ‘I’ & sees a normal daily life as a fierce competition, a battle & war. It will constantly prompt us to win over enemies (everyone other than self 😪) no matter what…

Soul or our highest self, on the other hand, is ‘WE’, there is no “I” in it. Our soul is the deep, profound & infinitely tranquil place within us that knows nothing but empathy, love, compassion & truth. It sees life as a divine gift. Instead of fighting or seeking recognition from others, it only seeks inner authenticity.

Let you begin to feed your soul instead of starving it. You know when you give your body delicious & healthy food, you feel more vibrant & alive; the same is true for your soul. You very well know everything available on your buffet, all you have to do is to find the diet that will elevate your vibe & nourishes your soul.

Darling listen – feed your soul with the same zeal that you feed your body. Feed it with love, bliss, connections… Start acting beyond your ego self. Start doing more of those things that make you feel good on the inside. Start doing the most with what you have & can. Start loving yourself, start staying happy with yourself & what you have & even with the ‘need to improve’ sections of your life…🤣

Stay rejuvenated, energised & joyful from within. Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings 💐

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