You can become more only by unlearning who you are not…

Today I wish you to know that the power to grow, transform & evolve into best version of yourself lies within you.

Darling listen – like a tiger knows how to hunt, a seed knows how to grow… you too have hidden abilities, powers & inherited wisdom that you don’t know about & rarely use… & to be who you truly are, you just have to unlearn all the bullshit you have learned over these years…🤣.

Sweetheart, believe me or not – you have become a collection of impressions created by social media, TV, News, Ads & marketers…. That’s why I said in first place that it’s not about learning more, it’s about removing the garbage stored in your subconscious to understand who you are in real. This is the key to transform yourself into the best version of yourself.

You have to shed your old self & cleanse negative social conditioning in order to transform & ascend towards your authentic self. Please begin to focus & start channelizing your time & energy towards achieving your real & higher Goals (hope you know these)..

I wish & hope that these coming days will bring beautiful transformations for you along with all the positive things you’ve been wanting in your life… Blessings 💐

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