Shift your entire focus to all the people in your life who love you & care about you…

While you may continue telling yourself again & again about people who do not respect you, who do not see your value or worth, I want you to know that this world is full of those who care about you & your value/worth. Please remind yourself more & more about these lovely gems.

Darling listen – don’t let the one person who doesn’t care about you, live rent-free in your mind; they’ve taken enough. Shift your entire focus to all the people in your life who love you & care about you.

Darling listen – instead of hanging with the wrong crowd, please begin to respect & care for those who make your good times better & hard times easier, who put their arms around you & love you even when you’re not so lovable & who try to fill in the gaps of your heart & keep the pieces together….

Sweetheart, if it reminds you of some people, call them right away, send them a text & appreciate them, value them & treasure them always… They’re worth keeping around.

Keep up the great smile, work hard on what you do best, appreciate everyone for what they bring into your life & you will never regret it. Let this gorgeous day fill your soul with light & bring you love, warmth & joy of living into your heart.. Blessings 💐

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