All looks yellow to the jaundiced eye.. 🤭

Today I wish to remind you a popular phrase – “all looks yellow to the jaundiced eye” which actually means that everything appears altered since everything you see comes through your own eyes. When I say that someone see things as yellowish or biased, I only mean that the bias is with the viewer, not with the world.

Because the yellowing occurs in the eyes, we can imagine that things look yellowish to someone with jaundice. I don’t think that this is actually the case in reality. It’s more of a metaphor.

I am not accusing for your intentionally refusal to see & inability to understand the reality. I am talking about the altered vision or bias that you may not even be aware of.

Whether you have JAUNDICED EYE (habitually) or if you love to wear your cute ROSE TINTED GLASSES mostly, all I want from you is to switch lenses frequently & check out the unfiltered view. Always remember – a dual perspective helps you to see things both as they are in real & as they could be.

While I know the importance of seeing your life & world through your rose-tinted glasses (positive & optimistic viewpoint), but a fluffy woo-woo view must not become an excuse to look the other way when something needs a different focus. Obviously it can become occasionally dangerous.

It is rightly said that assumptions are dangerous things to make & like all dangerous things to make — bombs, for instance – if you make even the tiniest mistake you can find yourself in terrible trouble.

Darling listen – if someone shows you an orange, please see it as “an orange”. Don’t try to see it differently 🤣.

I hope you would have understood my core message – it is basically … our thoughts, concepts, assumptions, beliefs, conditioning etc & sometimes our past experiences act as colored lenses and/or blinders that distort what is seen. We don’t see things as they are. Today I wish you to learn to see what-is as it really is, instead of what you think you see & not what-is.

Sweetheart, I must tell you that only when you see things as they are instead of as you would like, you can make better decisions for your own happiness & for the happiness of others.

I wish & hope that this day reminds you of how wise, capable, strong & talented you are. Stay Blessed & Happy Always. My best wishes are always with you 💐

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