Are you an awakened & enlightened soul?

Today I wish to remind you that an awakened Soul can never be misled by the illusions & cannot be influenced by what happens & what goes around.

You live in a world which is a playground of stubborn, prideful, overconfident people who are mostly driven by their egos, greed, meanness or opportunism. Please stop yourself from being misled by the words, thoughts & deeds of such iniquitous people or setups trying to lead you down to garden paths.

Darling listen – you are not a part of their nasty or miserable world. You are an awakened & enlightened soul. You have the ability to think, speak, act & react responsibly. Please continue emitting your intelligent energy of love & a light that only unites & expands.

Sweetheart, an Awakened Soul knows very well that true rewards – affluence, knowledge, love, fitness, calmness, composure & spiritual attainment – comes only by improving itself little by little, from moment to moment as a smith removes the dross of silver or gold.

Sweetheart, every moment is a gift & opportunity to awaken to that which brings true & lasting happiness, unending peace & imperishable existence.

I sincerely hope that my post reminds you to become more, motivate you to behave & act like an Awakened Soul.

I also wish & hope that you celebrate the season with love, hope & joy it brings. Blessings 💐

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