Keep Your Goodness Alive. Your life has meaning & value for everyone around!

While I am praying for a successful, productive week, I wish you to know that you are loved more than you may believe & that you matter to this world… YOUR WORLD.

Always remember that your life has meaning & value for everyone around. A lot of people care about, value you just the way you are & cherish your presence in their lives.

Darling listen – you may not see it, but you are the most important resource for your world. Please continue translating each of your experience, knowledge, awareness, insight & understanding into action…

I know what you think – that the little goodness flickering here & there in this world full of manipulative & practical people seems to be of no use. No it is not completely right! I repeat – your thoughts, words, actions, attention & presence matter a lot to so many.

Keep your goodness alive. Keep giving your sincere care to the people, activities, circumstances & possibilities in your life. Live like it all matters & you’ll know without a doubt how much it all does.

I wish & hope that your new week will be filled with continued grace & answered prayers. Let this new week fill your life with bright colours, happiness, laughter & smile. Good Luck & Blessings 💐

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