Be 5% more in this moment!

I am sure you would agree, that our natural state before the birth was peaceful & we were well connected with the universe. This is lost immediately after the birth & in all philosophies we are advised to achieve that wholeness & connection once again. A mission. All practices in one way or another encourage us to achieve that original mystical state, peaceful state of mind, open mindedness & awareness of everything around us, a state of oneness with no separation.

It sounds easy but very difficult & only a few rare & great people achieve such state of mind.

Otherwise most of us normally remain constantly distracted unnecessarily, always looking for something to keep our minds busy 😂, overwhelmed, stressed, irritated or unhappy with ourselves or someone else or current situation or with surroundings & so on.

Sorry to disappoint you.. 🤔

There is no event outside of you that will bring you peace, happiness, fulfillment, health & that spiritual connection wrapped up neatly & decorated in a gift box. The only thing that is required is that you make a conscious choice to be more present & connected in your life & eliminate everything that gets in the way of this. It requires a complete different way of being, your beautiful self.

Now that you are at home, Be fully!

Let you completely drop away the sense of being separate from your world & universe, think of yourself & everything around you as one. Let you remain completely immersed in this moment of relaxation to soak in the experience & state of wholeness. Let you count your blessings. Let you become more present to those around you & remain in full appreciation of the miracle of this moment.

Remember that the only time you ever have to learn anything, see anything, feel anything, express any feeling, emotion, respond to an event or grow, expand & heal, is this moment. Because this is the only moment you have. You’re only here now, you’re only alive in this moment.

Life is far simpler than we make it.

There’s no need to go anywhere to find your lost connectivity. No need to walk mercilessly up & down or join a camp in foothills or spend a month in an ashram to find it. Absolutely no need.

It was always here..💖

As the level of your presence will increase, your living will became incredible. It will allow you to taste, see & do everything fully. Your senses will become completely heightened, your connection will become very strong, everything will be experienced by you in a much deeper & more meaningful way.

Believe me, presence is so rare these days, that once you become more presence, all of your relationships will transform, you will become magnetic to people around you & everyone will like to be around you… 😉

Let you begin your practice of being present from today itself & remind yourself that it’s not at all about achieving anything, it’s just about exploration.

& finally action Step:

Let you identify one thought, one action or that one belief which is preventing you from being more present. Think of all the ways to increase your presence by 5% only per day. You have clear 21 days… ( May be more 😤).

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