This is known to almost everyone that your thoughts & words have tremendous amount of power. Infact they shape your maximum beliefs, drive your behaviors & ultimately create your world. Each word create an emotional responses & energetic reactions by default. Right words when spoken in the right way bring you more acceptance, appreciation, fortunes & obviously make you sound confident, relatable & trustworthy. But when you speak wrong words or when your words doesn’t support your body language or spoken in wrong way bring you losses, conflicts, displeasures & generally cost you like hell sometimes.

I recommend that you record your words, tone, language & gestures for a week & then play it back to yourself. I guarantee you that will be surprised at what you hear & see.

Spend a few minutes with a narcissistic person or a chronic complainer who uses all sorts of negative words & you’ll immediately feel your personal energy bottoms out. That applies to everyone including you also πŸ˜‰. In my opinion you can influence outcomes greatly by how you choose to interact with yourself, others & situations.

Your words are not only a vehicle for expressing & sharing your thoughts with others but to yourself also. Your thoughts & words have the power to make you your own worst enemy ( or ally 😊). Choose each of them wisely & consciously.

How you speak to yourself directly influences how you see things in life & world. If your internal self-talk is negative, chances are that your external experiences will be negative as well.

Please find out that how many times a day do you say “I hate my looks,” β€œI’m an a**hole,” β€œI am a failure” or “I hate my world” without thinking that these words bring negative energy into your vibration & affect you on a physical level. Believe me when you repeat these day & night, your brain shapes a false self-image of you, your world & start working accordingly.

Researchers estimate that you can think about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts & speak approximately 7000 words a day. Now imagine if 80% of these are negative about yourself or your world than can you think how badly you are sabotaging your life without even realizing it πŸ€”.

But question is are you conscious of the words you speak, thoughts that you read & expose yourself to knowingly or unknowingly? Let you begin to pay attention to the words you use & the words you speak not only with others but also with yourself. Because you make every decision, action & resolution based on these words & thoughts that you hear from yourself.

Let you at least stop speaking from today to merely unload an ego-driven thought & never utter a single word with negative emotion like frustration or anger. Let you also stop saying everything that drains energies, make you or others feel sad, mad, or bad. Believe you me, with a renewed perspective, you stand a much better chance of bringing good into your life.


Let you start making your internal vocabulary more positive to improve your external experiences & quality of your life.

For God sake start acknowledging how powerful, sufficient & blessed you are from today itself. Let you begin to honor, love & respect yourself more from now than ever. Let me remind you once again that you are a part & parcel of this universe & you should be mindful always to be a little more intelligent, kinder, gentler, smarter & softer in your words, deeds & reactions with yourself & your world.

Stay kind with your words & always use language to empower πŸ’πŸ’.

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