Stop Being A Narcissist!

Today I read one of the Rumi’s quote The lion is most handsome when looking for food” which prompted me to write about all those people who are self-absorbed, self-obsessed & do not treat themselves lesser than the Marvel Heros (my son, Aashish made me watch a movie yesterday) for a moment even. I am talking about people to whom their arrogance, grandiosity & entitlement is always larger than the life.

I am sure you will agree that this world is full of these people who claim themselves to be superheros but in real they are self centered, self-righteous & narcissist in a way. They are those people who perceive themselves as being the nicest on the planet, completely faultless & always believe that they deserve special treatment & that others do not deserve 🤔. They seek approval & appreciation from everyone around every minute even for their shitty things 🤣.

They become mad & vengeful whenever their perceived superior status is threatened. They will always paint a picture of themselves as being the victim or innocent in all aspects. These people will always believe them to be superior to others & when they are in conflict with the world, they will invariably perceive the conflict as the world’s fault only. These people will never feel guilty or remorseful even when they have done something ridiculously wrong. They will never offer genuine apology & if at all they have to give one, then it will be only hollow & transactional.

These self-acclaimed great people tends to seek out connections mostly for their high status only i.e. to feel more accomplished, socially prominent, well-to- do & well-connected. They will listen to you & step out of their spotlight only when they hope to gain something extraordinary from listening to you 😂.

These people have a tendency to erode self-esteem of everyone around & will do it with such an art that you start feeling that it is you who is letting them down.

Let me remind all my egomaniac friends that the extreme self-centered attitude is going to become source of suffering for you & your world one day.

Let you be more & more present in this moment, instead of always seeking a more exciting moment. Let you practice applauding for others & feeling genuinely happy for them instead of being competitive always. Let you have a deep compassion for everyone around & also understand their struggles to be safe, seen, heard & celebrated.

Let you, in real, become the light you have been desperately seeking & create a glow for all others to bask in. Let your world feel better, healed, joyful & admired in your company. Stay Being Your Higher Self! 💐💐Screenshot_20200409-091412~2


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