Restore your updated & upgraded version!

All over the world, coaches & great souls have been advising continuously to disengage, detach & to take a break from the routines because they believe that magic in not doing anything for some time has the real power to change just about everything.

Now that you have been unplugged, let you breathe, restore, recharge & reset yourself to your factory settings 🤔. Remember that this is exactly what you do with your wireless router, when it stop working. I like everyone get frustrated when it does not function the way it should because I am not that technical person (even after doing engineering in electronics & telecommunication way back in 90s, I am not a practising engineer these days 😉).

When I am told by the technician that just switch off the router for few seconds & restart it, I was amazed to see it working perfectly fine. Without doing anything, just by restarting, a device can come to working again. Isn’t it great! Yes it is.

This is a learning for all of us. Let this unplug, reset & halt of everything for a few days prove to be a pretty good solution for whatever was not working in your life & world. Let you be able to restore yourself to your factory default settings which for most of us tends to be beautiful, strong, blessed, able, creative, connected & hopeful 👑.

In addition to your restoration & reinstatement, I pray for your updated & upgraded version after this lockdown is over 🤣. Let all the negative energy which was trying to bring you down earlier come to an end forever. The dark thoughts, uncertainties, overthinking & the doubts completely exit your mind for always. Let the clarity replace confusion, hope replace fear & blessings fill your life again. Let your Angeles guide your path & help you to make the right decisions & choices so that you can go with full throttle & crush your goals & live your life to the fullest. Let God grant you peace, love, understanding & continue to protect you & your beloved ones from this virus & all other evil forces. Stay Working On Reinstalling Your Greater Self! 💐💐

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