You need to heal the CORE with in you!

Let you set your intentions to heal within & outside of yourself. You have good time now to heal yourself & your world 😉. Let you take some time to consider what it is you really want for your life in the near future. How do you want to feel about yourself & your your world at the end of this lock down? Can you use some time to find your real passions, strengths, gifts & how can you put all of them to better use? Let you get in touch with the real you, your higher self & your angels to align with your real purposes.

Let you choose to work on healing yourself from the inside out this time by going deeper to get at the root of the problem rather than only treating the symptoms all the time 🤒. I mean your weight is not the main issue, it is not walking enough & constantly overeating. You need to go to the core 🙏. Let you remind yourself once  again that you can achieve anything you want if you can heal your core, your energy, your mind, body & spirit. Let your good efforts increase your chances of achieving your goals.

I am not at all saying that everything you were doing before this compulsory stay at home period were fifty things, but all that I am saying is that you have ignored many important things which matters to you the most. Tell me how can you take care of anyone else or do a good job at work or be a good friend/partner or achieve something big in your life, if any part of your being is unhealthy in any way? I repeat, let you begin to heal & rebuild yourself now by adopting some better habits, hobbies, routines & lifestyles.

Let you also resolve to phase-out your detrimental behaviours, toxicity, resentment, complaining attitude, limiting beliefs & negative voices to improve yourself overall & to lead a life you deserve.

I wish you all the best & pray that all your attempts of improving yourself & your world be more successful now than ever. Stay Blessed! 💐💐IMG_20200406_111649_543

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