Your Self-Talk & Stories!

Most of the stories are common. Narrative is common. There is a victim, persecution, hero & villain in every story 🤣. Figure out different words & perspectives in your stories while you are repeating it to yourself & when telling about you to others. Let these be more on your lessons & blessings. Use gentle words & tone. Don’t curse or over criticize yourself & others in your stories 🙏.

Let you stop spreading chaos, unrest, sickness & negativity through your stories. Let you choose to turn every story into positive energies while you are telling these to yourself or others, no matter the content & the perception you had of the events at the time they occurred.

Let your stories re-set strained brains & be able to release stress of every listener. Let these be more funny & larger-than-life stories. Let you stop using your mental toxins such as hatred, obsession, arrogance, envy, greed & pride in your stories. Let your thoughts & stories bring order, harmony, peace, cheerfulness & contentment within you & your world. Stay Blessed & Keep Building Positive Self-Talk & Stories! 💐💐

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed the read and thank you for your time. Please share your inputs & feedback in the comments. Let’s keep in touch!

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