Purpose of your life is same as your ancestors had…

It is truly said that:

The man who acts the least, upbraids the most!

Please stop blaming the world & other good people for your problems, unhappiness & failures. Let you choose to change your perspective, attitude, mindset & take responsibility for your actions, inactions, reactions & your life.

Take a look at the history of humanity which is a consistent struggle with nature & with itself. Our ancestors have had to face countless adversities, sanctified their loved ones & experienced suffering that none of us today can ever imagine living through.

But they always found ways to survive & carry on. They have always found ways to create & improve. They led humanity in the right direction & build this great nation (all others too) with so little means & resources.

And you are the simple recipients of that great nation which was built by your ancestors & been passed to you from generation to generation without any price. Remember that things of your comfort are because of the hard work & sacrifice of people who came before you. You came into this beautiful world & inherited it thanklessly, thinking like selfish monkeys & taking credit for the technology & infrastructure you never had to work for & now you have no idea how to find your way forward.

Think of all the great works of the past, the monuments, wonders, literature, holy books, masterpieces in music & art we own & enjoy to this day is gifted to the human race by those who were going through all the distress, difficulties, illness & impediments you can not imagine. Believe me, you do not have any of such issues in present.

I agree that you are not alone, we are all fighting inner demons & suffering in ways that no one else could understand. It is more or less like these Corona days where everyone is suffering more or less the same level of pain. Leaving apart the real suffering that your friends or family may be going through, there is always a constant battle going in your consciousness.

Perhaps, the most important fight that you must deal with in your life, these days, is within yourself (less in world). Maybe the purpose of your life is to win the inner battle, to defeat the dragon within you, to integrate your shadow into your being, to eradicate the self, the ego, the false persona you have created for yourself & live authentically with courage.

Although you know it very well, what your purpose in life is… Same as your ancestors had… & I repeat – to aim for the highest possible good in your life, to look within & find the things you can change & improve in yourself, to pursue the betterment of yourself & the people around you & society itself. Your purpose in life is to push the boulder up the mountain, even if it means absolutely nothing in the end.

Let you remind yourself to stop looking for the meaning of your life in other dummy things & flimsy delusions. Start looking into yourself, find the life path that is filled with hard work & start running in that direction. Find & pursue what you only dream about doing but are reluctant to admit due to your comfort zone, poor habits, lousy routines & uninspiring lifestyle.

Let your Angeles always protect you in all that you do & bless you with all the success, happiness & fulfilment. 💐💐

What do you think of all this. Please share your thoughts by writing your comments. Let us all do what we can… Blessings..

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