No one can blow your nose!

It was just a few weeks ago when everything was absolutely normal.

Now we can only daydream about normalcy.

All I know for sure is that life will surely change, for better or worse, I don’t know.

Please share in what ways this lockdown has been upsetting, terrible & draining for you.

And if somehow this period is proved useful, healthy & productive, then also please share your choices, action ideas & thoughts that have helped you keep positive & courageous mindset through it all.

At the end all I can say is get active now in your own rescue ( if you haven’t until now) & do it while you can. Spread of Corona is not your responsibility but it is your problem. So instead of just worrying, increasing conflicts with the world or arguing with God, accept it, deal with it & get to work solving everything in the best possible manner you can.

Remember no one can blow your nose now & for that matter later. You only can, if you care for yourself. Who knows how much time you have left, or what awaits you tomorrow.. So get to it now.

Remind yourself that being your own man, being self-contained & being optimistic always allow you to thrive in any & all situations.

In last I wish to quote

You never know who’s swimming naked until the tide goes out.

Warren Buffett

Just keep doing what you are good at & never be caught swimming naked! Because the tide will go out again & again. Always keep yourself prepared & save for rainy days.

Stay Blessed & Meaningful! 💐💐

2 Comments on “No one can blow your nose!

  1. Hi like anyone else I do also have only single personal concern about the finance, if lockdown will be stretched for few more months. Apart from this my biggest concern is that few people are not following the lockdown either due to their needs/trouble or due to their adamant and inflexible nature, which can be very dangerous for entire universe.

    We need to understand that Corona Virus is a life enemy, which is unknown and uncontrollable as yet. To fight with him we need patience and precautions both.

    Would request to everyone please copeup with the crisis. Don’t create any situation for which will have regret just because of our own enjoyment.

    I believe God is so kind that he Bless Us in disguise even. We were living like machine, we were alive without life because of our hectic lifestyle, materialistic lust. We destroyed our mother nature even to fulfill our unjustified desires. Now God has blessed us the opportunity to evaluate and modify our lifestyle for our own well being. We should understand only materialistic growth is not sufficient for successful and meaningful life, PEACE is also needed. Let’s control our desires which are disastrous. Let’s learn to live our life peacefully in mother nature’s beautiful and blissful lap. Let’s put some effort to put a smile on God:s face also.

    During the lockdown am enjoying the time by spending more time with my God and family. I am doing everything which earlier I was unable to do because of the lack of the time. I am relaxing, exploring my hidden strengths, enjoying cooking, reading, meditating, exercising, listening music, watching hit old TV programs which earlier I had missed due to my hectic schedule. In a nutshell am living my life and yes I am enjoying alot fresh air and less polluted environment which is blessing of the lockdown.

    Be positive..Be Blessed and Blissful.

    May Almighty Bless Us All


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