Why do you Live?

Why do we go to College? Why do we Work? Why do we have a Family? Why do we get into Social Circles? I mean why do we do anything like this or that?

When I searched for the answer in my circle, there were so many intelligent & stupid replies, but the conclusion was “happiness”. Everyone in their own ways wanted to achieve a state of happiness. I knew it very well that most of us live our lives to experience joy, peace & contentment in our lives. In our own way obviously. That is a well-deserved expectation. But to my surprise, there is a big gap in between what we want & what we do, what we deserve & what we experience & what we should do & choose to do. That is why lively & cheerful behaviours, a feeling of excitement, happiness & knack of being magical seems to be missing from our lives these days.

Let you remind yourself once again today that you deserve not only success but also contentment & joy.

Ask yourself when did you laugh so hard that it hurt your stomach? How often you laugh that way in week, month or year?

Ask yourself why peace & enlightenment is not most valuable & desirable thing in world now even though every holy book, culture & civilization has said so & prescribed achieving these as ultimate things for everyone?

I have seen people with glorified careers, positions & lives who think they have it all, are actually deprived of a calm mind. You confront their thought or question them on the silliest of their deeds & they would emit so much anger, stress & hatred, you won’t believe.

You have this world full of people who wake up every morning with a headache & then again feed their brain, heart & body with more doses of stress, anxiety & illness, in whatever way they can πŸ€”.

Let you get up, look at the blooming flowers, greenery around you & everything that is constantly radiating colours of joy. Every morning thank God for the soulful breathes travelling in & out of your body so effortlessly. Look at the Sun outside your window who is showering peace (& of course vitamin D 🀣) & feel grateful.

Stay away from everything that inject negativity or depression in you. Stay away from all the elements that make you lose the most valuable & wanted peace, joy & fulfillment. Stop being under the shadow of egotism & expecting applause & standing ovation from everyone around you as preliminary condition to become happy & satisfied.

Surround yourself with positive people. If you do not have the option or flexibility to stay away from the disturbing people, build a strong wall of ignorance & isolate them completely. Behave like a lotus that plunges to life from beneath the mud, but does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty. Let you also continuously try to make everything around you, your environment, surroundings & your world blissful & beautiful with your magic, thoughts, words & actions.

I repeat that you must begin to use everything that shows up in your life, even the most challenging stuff or time, to help you grow, expand & further your ability to broadcast your love, happiness & joy. Don’t let any damn thing suck your soul, liveliness, passions, potential & creativity out of you.

Let you remain to be the one who can laugh until your abs are sore at the smallest joke & a light for your world in the dark moments.

Let the God that you serve bless you & make you victorious in whatever you choose to do. πŸ’πŸ’

If you are fascinated by this post or have any other thought for me regarding this post, please feel free to contact me using the comment section below, as I would be happy to answer any questions or to have a chat with you πŸ™.

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