Minimum Efforts That Can Make You Achieve Impossibles.

There’s this popular Chinese proverb that says:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Obviously it is awesome if you begin doing good for you & your world in your 20s, but you can very well begin now (even in your 30s or 50s) as well. There is no bad time to start. It is always a right time to do the right thing.

Obviously good habits, meaningful routines, healthy lifestyles, priority settings, positive attitudes are good to develop in your childhood. It is simple, I mean sooner you start, the bigger the reward you’ll reap. But you can start now also.

You become more successful, happy, magnificent & satisfied if you embrace these & you will surely become the person you should be, I mean your best version. You will be able to bring more good into your world. If you are in your 30s or 50s & don’t have them yet, develop them now, don’t delay it further.

Remember success, sufficiency & fulfillment in this era comes to you only when you know yourself fully i.e. strengths, weaknesses, passions, values, your interests & how you can perform to your best.

There are all kinds of methods you can use to truly know about yourself. And there are various complicated methods that require special skillsets & character traits that not many are equipped with to find all about yourself. One of that is taking feedback about yourself from your family, friends & others. It is most convenient & common but doesn’t work at all in most cases.

About 15 years back I attended a workshop ‘Hot-Seat’ where you will recieve feedback from the people you belong to. It was very difficult program & one of the best training workshop I ever attended. Because receiving & giving feedback sounds very simple & easy job but every participant there found it extremely difficult at both ends – while giving & receiving. It seriously require high levels of genuineness, integrity, selflessness & self-honesty to give any feedback. It requires guts & excellent listening skills for receiving genuine feedback which not many people have these days.

Therefore it is good if you can research yourself & align yourself according to your own capabilities, interest & time available with you. Simply ask questions & answer yourself. Please spend some quality time doing this sincerely.

Some examples:

I know, like you, not too many people do exercise as ritual everyday. But this habit is most crucial for your long-term wellbeing. It is one keystone ritual that real riches are practicing it consistently. This has an immediate impact on your mood, health & performance.

If you don’t exercise, you don’t have any stable reconstruction process going in your body. You will get sick much easier & your body will become older much faster.

Don’t be scared by the word “exercise.” It doesn’t mean running marathons, lifting weights for hours or spending hours on a treadmill. Exercise is any regular physical activity. Completing extra 10,000 steps each day absolutely qualifies.

Similarly, you can adopt several more simple good habits/ routines/ lifestyles – Praying while you are commuting, doing chin-ups, making to-do lists & checklists, drinking more water, walking more, consuming less sugar, adding more raw vegetables & fruits for natural vitamins & proteins in your diet. Everything will magically change about yourself!

You also need to practice closing your eyes, breathing deeply & focusing your attention on your breathing for some time every day.

Let me remind you once again that with only minimal conscious efforts you can achieve what seemed impossible.

You also desperately need to take control over your thinking processes, actions & reactions.

Let you start biting your tongue instead of saying something ugly without thinking. Let you also stop all the harmful & negative self-talks that have been bringing emotional turmoil to your life always.

You also need to find your purpose & some mechanism or habits to remind you about your purpose on a daily basis.

I advise you to create your personal mission statement & use it in different ways: read it, repeat it in your mind, listen to it, create a vision board based upon it & so on. Do not lose sight of it. Remember that your mission or purposes will only help you in gaining more money, fame, friends, health, time & everything you deserve & want.

Let your mission statement, positive mindset, good deeds, routines & priorities make everything significantly better & increase your productivity, potency & bliss by an order of magnitude.

Stay Amazingly Blessed 💐💐!

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