The current Corona situation made this a all together different kind of year, with different things on our minds. These days have transformed our complete outlook on living life & our world. Masking yourself became a part of our life 😂.

During the last few months we have experienced significant & profound changes in our lifestyles, routines, priorities & work habits due to this pandemic (which our generation has never seen earlier).

12th May, I mean today is 50th day of lockdown. Each of us is quarantined within the four walls of our homes. It was not only our duty but also our responsibility towards the nation to follow it diligently, as it was a much-needed step to contain the spread of COVID-19. We did it so far most sincerely.

But on a lighter note, It changed the way, we related ourselves to the calendar & clock. These have become almost pointless these days.

While working on my daily writing routine, I completely lost track of time almost everyday & forget what day is it today? I often found myself wondering is today, yesterday, or tomorrow are different anymore? I am thinking how new routines of being at home changed the meaning of “having time”.

I am sure some of us must have enjoyed these days like never before while some of us have felt bored, depressed, anxious & sick. Some of the people are constantly asking “So what now”?

Forget about these sick, tired & bore people (they are that type, no one can help 🤣), here I am talking about those who have used this time to realize all the good things that they have in their life. Who are thankful for everything they have without which it would have been impossible to live during these special days.

I am also pretty sure that some of you like me would have created plenty of feelings & moments of laughter, joy, love & contentment during these days, freeing yourself & others from the grip of negative emotions like anxiety & worries of present & future. I hope that these days must have broadened your thinking & prompted you to behave in healthy & positive ways.

You will agree that these days have reinstated the fact that it is only your family which is beside you through thick & thin. This was once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us where we have spent so many days together with our families. Hope you have taken full advantage of it 💞?

Staying at home the whole day means sleeping & eating more than usual making you fatter & lazy (more than the earlier). But some of us could set a routine for ourself quickly & followed it sincerely. Must have allocated time for sleeps & snacks. Used time in doing extraordinary things which we haven’t done all these years in addition to completing the target of 10000 steps.

Home quarantine has also made us value our freedom of stepping outside, anytime & anywhere.

There were whole lot of people who hated going to schools, colleges & offices. Now, day & night at home must have made them realize the importance of going to their work places. I was talking to some people who said working from home sounded very relaxing in the beginning, but now they have realized that it is actually more difficult to work from home than the office. Isn’t it different than what we believed earlier?

Being quarantined has also given us more ‘me time’ & has changed the relationship we have with our own self. I am sure it must have taught you how to be comfortable in your own skin & how to love yourself more. Best part of this lockdown was that your social interaction was almost nil. It was you & only you who was keeping yourself busy & maintaining your sanity throughout this lockdown. If you were scared with yourself, awkward & disappointed with your ownself then you seriously have to review your life & your system because you should fall in love with the real self & enjoy your own company like anything.

Let you wake up & try to make the best of this day while hoping for a better tomorrow. Remember that you are still free to design your life & to live it the way you choose. Let you fill all the empty spaces & colour your life as much as possible.

Stay trying. Stay praying. Stay Being awesome. Stay positive. Stay happy. Stay Blessed! 💐💐

I request you to share your valuable feedback & inspiring thoughts in the comments section.

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