The real key is your energy, thoughts & intentions behind your words & deeds.

The universe is constantly responding to you & your thoughts in the form of frequency, vibration & energy.

Most of the things you see in your life & in the world around you is a response to what you believe, feel & think. Only because some of your people are responding to what you are saying, don’t believe that your words are bringing you the response, it is your intentions, feelings & thoughts that are creating the response.

As we move through our day, we send energy into the universe & we receive energy back. Our minds, bodies & spirits are composed of energy, which vibrates out & is felt by others. Those vibrations resonate within us & greatly impact our own energy stores.

In other words, The world generally takes the energy & vibrations you are constantly emitting, knowingly or unknowingly & matches it to stuff that will build upon it.

We all know that if we are thinking of buying a particular new car, we start seeing it everywhere on the road. This is it.

If you’re looking for building a career in something passionately… one that not only generate handsome revenues but also fulfills what you believe is your life’s purpose. You will start seeing signs. Maybe you run into an old friend who you have not seen in years. Turns out, he has a connection to a business or job that may be your dream career. Maybe you are driving & see an advertisement that may give you a quick idea, or maybe you’re scrolling your Facebook feed & suddenly an advertorial pops up which is enough to give you all the insight to do what you were planning.

If you are passionate, strongly feel about solving a problem, think about overcoming a barrier or sincerely wish to achieve something in some way – out of the blue something will surely appear as opportunity to help, to do good & help you to achieve what you want.

Remember that you can’t attract what you want, good things, situations & circumstances just by speaking sweet words. The real key is your energy, thoughts, intentions & feelings behind your words & deeds.

I repeat, it is not much about positive words, you got to have intentions, you have to feel positive from inside; you must place your thoughts within them; you need to work toward them & act upon them.

To sum it up – If you want to have positive energy flowing through you, you need to start making decisions that will make you to become the kind of person you want to be, with the solutions, career & relationships you want to have. Remember how you spend your time, energy & money will impact you far beyond today. All of these choices will shape your future self.

Let you radiate positive energy continuously to fill your life with prosperity, joy, happiness & love. Let you soon have incredible opportunities all around you & let all your good wishes come true.

Stay Blessed 💐💐

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