Company Is Nothing Without Their People.

Accountability is an essential entrepreneurship skill if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. But it is just not about managing to get work done. Accountability in business means that you empower others to not only own tasks, but to also own the results & awards with you.

Remember that a company is nothing without their people i.e. employees.

Now when the world is passing through tough times, each of us has a role to play not only in limiting the spread of the virus, but also in practicing empathy for those who may be hardest hit financially.

Please do everything you can to pay your workers, even if you have to reduce some of your operations & other things (you know what I am talking about).

If it’s not enough to retain the employees for moral reasons, then also do it because you’re going to miss some of these well trained & loyal workers (some of them are like family) when your business will be in full swing again (hope you are not closing it now).

Please be genuinely concerned about your people who have always been there for you (not with their output only, not atleast now). Listen to their stories, understand their struggles, understand that they are juggling more than they are used to & empathise. Finally, it is these acts of kindness which help you tide over trying times. When the dust will settle, organisations that follow this will have stronger & loyal teams. Believe me, this act will make you better organization & a trusted employer.

Remember your company’s actions during this crisis will demonstrate to your people & world whether your relationships with them were genuine or fake.

Let me ask you a simple question before I end this article, when the dust blows over (for sure, it will), which companies do you think will have an easier time recruiting talented people? Which organizations will see a massive migration the moment hiring gets back to normal? 🤔🤔

Let you keep your current employees happy & engaged.

Please share your thoughts on this article. 🙏

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