Living a life that matters is very much possible!

Today I wish to remind you that you are much more than what you think you can ever be. You are special, you have abilities to change your world in some crazy way & can surprise all those who laugh on you with your inborn talents, abilities, thoughts & work. Trust yourself.

Like you everyone fall into the trap of thinking that you can’t be more than you are right now because you have this or that big problem. You are not alone. What you are going through is probably happening to so many others all across the world.

It is such a nonsense to feel that everything is too hard these days & that you are nothing. Believe me, why to talk of world, someone in your connects only is begging to have your life with all your problems. Darling you are so blessed!

Let you begin to unfold, start realising & developing your true potential & passions. Wherever you are, whatever your age is, however big or small problem you have, remind yourself that something different is actually possible. Something more is possible. Living a life that matters is very much possible.

Let me remind you once again the most commonly read advice across google is “that our beliefs create our thoughts, our thoughts create our actions & our actions create our results”. It is really true that everything we believe, consciously or unconsciously, produce some kind of result, good or bad, in our lives.

This is what actually I want to tell you that there are these beliefs which generally hold you back & stop you from becoming the one you should be, the version of yourself.

Actually beliefs are not realities, they’re simply your own perceptions. But you have learnt to act as if your all beliefs are true. No, these are not true. I know someone in my colony who now is an acclaimed marathoner & does 21 km very successfully now whenever he gets a chance. He used to simply walk in colony park. He told me that he hardly could walk for 20 -25 minutes in one go. but joined a group which motivated him to prepare for marathon & he did so. He is now thinking to complete a 41 km marathon. Now think where from this talent or capacity came from, all from with in. This ability was always there but he thought he will not be. Same is with you.

This is what I am trying you to arrive at, that your beliefs are holding you back from achieving your dreams but in reality you are capable of achieving much more than you think. Darling tell yourself today that your beliefs are not serving you.

May I request you to please list everything that you want to achieve in life now or later. Everything that you deserve. Everything that make you look beautiful, make you contented, make you feel special from within, accomplished, praiseworthy, make you magnificent, make you feel admired, happy & lively. Write everything. Now, ask yourself which belief is working for you & which is against you. Which belief is stopping you from doing something you want to do. Isn’t so simple?

You have a new goal now i.e. before attempting to achieve something from your bucket list, shift your these limiting beliefs which you have found stopping you from accomplishing your greatest self.

This type of initiative will take some time, humility & a strong willingness to confront your beliefs & all those blind spots that you were choosing to ignore throughout your life. I once again will like to remind you that you truly have tremendous amount of capacity to change & improve your known shortcomings as well as strengths. Go for transformation now!

You will not be able to change your thoughts, beliefs, weakness all alone, it will take too long & it’s too difficult. Let you find the help of a mentor, friend, trainer, or coach, an inspiring group to transform you completely. Don’t feel embarassed in asking for help.

In fact, this article is intended to help you avoid allowing your limiting beliefs to hold you back anymore. This is to remind you that there’s nothing in this world which can prevent you from reaching your full potential & your real greatness. The only challenge is to identify, acknowledge & begin to pursue your dreams, develop the skills to get there & exhibit great psyche, intentions & control. Make the necessary adjustments & start pursuing the line of action that sincerely reflect who you truly are.

Bonus tip: Let you write your list of aspirations, goals, hopes & dreams as Mantras. I repeat not as mission statements, but like Mantras, which you chant every day to please God & invite spiritual favours. Once you’ve defined your Mantras, print these out, post it everywhere in your room without any shame & chant these several times a day.

Don’t start on it when it’s too late. Start on it now. Start living your life in a way that your dream actually comes true.

Let God bless you with wisdom to achieve all that you want & patience to deal with the situations. My best wishes are there with you. Stay Blessed 💐💐

What do you think about “correction in your beliefs or need of transforming yourself?” Do you agree with it? Please Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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