Check If Your Lifestyle, Routines, Priorities & Behaviours Have Become INTOLERABLE For You?

If you are the person for whom complaining is a better choice than action, shifting the blames & running from the responsibility are better than doing the real work or if postponing things are usual & you are fed up of doing it then continue reading… it is for you.

Infact this article is especially for those who wish to really take some steps to reach a level of magnificence, happiness, success or freedom that they actually deserve. This post is for all those who have become sick of their behaviors & become fed-up with their own bullshits, lies, toxic inner patterns, excuses & meaninglessness.

It is for the moments when you have started realising that your own lifestyle, lazy routines, priorities & behaviours have become intolerable for you.

Appreciate yourself for feeling that you are fed up with your nonsense because not so many will dare to have that realisation. This is the best thing you can do in the present moment. Nourishing this intent & feeling will automatically make you ready to move forward. This itself will motivate you to create a solid foundation to build, grow & make a big leap in life.

You need to quickly react to all such intention, listen to your callings & connect with all these. You will have to stop yourself from burying this inner voice because of your busyness, laziness, habits & fears.

Let you remind yourself that if you know there is a challenge in your life, you are obligated to find a solution.

People take big leap in life & do all the great things not because they are blessed with remarkable ability, great charisma or any special favours, but because when they hear their inner voice, “you need to do it & you can do it” they simply choose to act courageously. The first step to greatness is deciding to be the one who doesn’t just let life happen to them. So, pick your arena & go for it. You need to decide whether you will hold back yourself again or strike out this time.

Start taking 100% responsibility for every single damn thing happening in your life, no matter what. You need to feel more empowered & motivated, rather than helpless & hopeless. Remember that you are in charge of yourself, your choices, decisions, actions & reactions. All that. Please stop expecting other people to improve your life.

Tell yourself repeatedly that you have the ability to create a life that you really desire & deserve. Every moment you have opportunity to make a choice for yourself. Sometime this can be as simple as walking upto the fridge & choosing a beer instead of water.. 🤣.

If required, please invite a challenger, motivator, instigater or the one who can tell you to stop doing your nonsense & inspire you (or kick in you ass) to step out of your comfort zones to do something worthwhile quickly.

Remind yourself that you are so powerful & everything you need to do something great is already inside of you. How freeing & good is that!

I believe in you & I know that you can make the big leap in your life starting today.

Stay the course & follow through! 💐💐

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