Response of Universe!

The nature & the universe is not at all responsible for creating such pandemic circumstances or other such situations randomly at it’s own. The set of situations that are presented to us in present times is a result of our collective deeds, every ounce of negativity & trash that we have produced & passed to universe in the past.

Original purpose of our lives was to align our lives with universe but we as most intellegent & powerful species tried hard to align universe with ourselves & our produces.

The result is in front of us – inner & outer chaos, turmoil & sickness. ‬

We in India know it very well, I mean the law of cause & effect, law of echo, or Karma, which simply means that whatever we do, say or even think will create a domino effect & will come back to us in some or the other form.

Everything you see “out there” is a response to what you are thinking, feeling & believing. Remember – Action & reaction are equal & opposite.

You get back what you put out. It is like a boomerang. You throw it out & it comes back.

If you put a negative out, you will get a negative back. Also, when you put a positive out you will get a positive back, maybe not straight away, but it will come. It’s the Law & the Laws of the Universe never make a mistake.

And imagine as a nation what we are producing & throwing collectively into the universe. As if it is a bin to collect your garbage. When a nation’s thoughts are loving, peace prevails & when a nation’s thoughts are unloving, chaos ensues. It is so simple.

Today there are clearly two sets of people. One who are continuously creating havoc with their nonsensical deeds, theories & philosophies. The Pandemics, unnecessary wars, environmental desecration, economic & criminal injustice, hopelessness, depression, uncertainties or fear among the society are the consequences of their endeavours. These are millions & millions!

And then there are other millions of people who are doing what they can, loving deeply, forgiving, serving, taking care of the sick & dying, repairing the earth continuously, restoring hope, feeding the hungry, saying the prayers & sending us the inspirations to lift us & to be our best.

Let me remind you that as a spiritual being, your individual possibilities are unlimited. Let you acknowledge your energetic force in order to elevate it further & transmit it to watch as Universe responds kindly in return to you & others.

Let your thinking, feeling, intentions, vibrations & actions bring you & your world an abundance of love, blessings, positive changes & everything that your heart desires & help you living the life you were originally meant to live.

Stay Blessed & Keep Sending Positive Energy To Your World & Universe! 💐💐

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