Why Should You Live A Life Of Regrets Knowingly?

Your desire to act strongly on your vision, passion, determination, conviction, pain, love or whatever you call is finally going to make you to do amazing things & that only will bring miracles, satisfaction, sufficiency, happiness & fulfillment in your life & in the life of others.

Let you commit to yourself ( secretly or publicly) to make things much better not only for yourself but for everyone in your world. Let your work, thoughts, resolves & words inspire others to make things better & gather momentum in your circle to follow you.

Let me remind you that you really need to know what you are passionate about or what your original talent & abilities are or what you are really good at or atleast who you are in real sense. Because once you recognise yourself then only you can act. If you act without recognising your reality or magic then it will not bring worthwhile or satisfactory or great results. Not even good luck!

Infact it is only your self motivation, strong desires or passion that can push you to cross all the barriers because once you have found the fire in your belly or genuine aspirations or longing then you don’t care what it takes to achive them. I repeat that the secret to living the life you want or deserve is hidden in your intentions or passions & what you do because of them. It is simple.

Now the most important question is that do you really know what is passion? Or what your natural talent or passion or purpose or aspiration is? Or how to act on these? 🤔

Finding your real intents, natural abilities, real passion, purpose or your true self is a serious task & a full journey in itself. Don’t be frustrated if you feel like that you don’t know anything yet. Keep trying honestly. Keep trying new things. The more experiences you expose yourself to, the higher probability you’ll find one you are passionate about. If you don’t give it up then soon you will find these.

But what if you know about these but you are not doing anything about these? This is the main problem something you must worry about. You can have all the desires, dreams, passions, vision or missions but if you never do anything about these, everything is useless. If you are not ready to leave your comfort zone then nothing is possible.

Remember that you are the author of your life. No one else. Please don’t settle for the bare minimums just because it’s working out right now.

I mean why anyone should continue to live a life of regret knowingly. Believe me sooner or later you will regret on things you haven’t done or pursued, opportunities you have lost & deteriorated health just because of your poor habits, TV, internet & all that is available to you right now. I insist that you should immediately make a conscious decision to minimize those regrets & lead a more fulfilling, happier & meaningful life.

Motivate yourself to give up your egos, delusions, comfort zone, poor routines, habits, laziness & nonsensical lifestyles to achieve what you are really capable of. If you can’t do that, it’s probably because you are not passionate about your life or that you do not wish to become what you should be.

You will never know what you’re truly capable of unless you push yourself a bit more.

If you can attempt to improve yourself even 1% each day from today, at the end of 12 months you will be 37X better than today.

What you do after going through this article will confirm how passionate you are to live a great life. Please don’t just continue to stand on the sidelines of this beautiful life with your smart phone in hand & quit hanging on to the handrails. Go for the ride of your magnificent life. Do something great today & practise it doing everyday.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, sufficiency & significance. Stay Blessed! 💐💐

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