Floating In Love, Flying Passionately & Becoming Successful Is Not That Difficult!

Remind yourself that it is okay to be at the place where you are right now. It is a perfect place to awaken, to become mindful, thoughtful & meaningful. No matter what time it is, this is good enough to begin practicing what you are passionate about. You have all the ingredients to find your kind of success, happiness & freedom.

Things are not that complicated. Let you get rid of everything that you have heard about success or happiness or nirvana for a less tangled form. Whatever is been taught or sold to you is very difficult & stressful, it’s a boulder on your back, it’s a weight pressing you continuously down. Real things are not that heavy. You need to wake up to this realisation to float in love, fly passionately & become magical. Let your own mindfulness show you the light.

Let you begin your journey to success by breaking down your dreams into smaller & more manageable pieces & start walking closer to your dream life but only as much as you can enjoy (10000 steps by rule book). Nevertheless, Pat yourself on the back for all the steps you have taken everyday. Push yourself a bit more tomorrow. It is so easy.

I repeat before beginning your journey to your success in your own style, you need to get rid of things, people, attitudes, habits & routines that have been holding you back. You have immense potential to achieve whatever you want.

As a habit, as I said earlier, it is we who complicate things more often than necessary. It’s quite understandable. Because for every other person the goals, dreams, aspirations & plans to achieve something is larger than life itself. Without taking one step in the real direction of your dream success, you just create stress, multiply it & that’s the end of the game.

Don’t baffle or intricate anything. Don’t just keep things in your head, speak about your needs, wants, desires loudly, universe is listening to you all the time. Let you learn to share your dreams in simplest form as possible as it can be with all the conviction. Let universe & your Angels understand your aspirations, priorities & dreams clearly to help you to achieve success. Start giving attention to the things you are passionate about each & every day without fail. It is so simple.

I know you have learnt it from your world that being successful is to look & keep yourself busy as much as that you don’t have any time for breath. This is not going to help you you in any way & will never take you to the place where you want to go or you deserve. Learn to be at peace with yourself, your time & your surroundings first before taking action on your plans. Remember the 80/20 formula!

All I am saying is let you simply decide what success means to you. I mean decide what is happiness, love, sufficiency or adventure for you. Speak to your family, friends & well-wishers. But at the end, be authentic, be original & decide something to take up only what you are passionate about & love doing. Go for it with full heart without worrying, knowing that the universe, your Angeles & your world including me are behind you, supporting you & cheering you on.

Let you achieve grand success by beginning to do all that is within your power, I mean begin your journey to be the person you are originally meant to be. I mean a blessing to your family, friends & your world, a helper of the helpless, an encourager & an inspiration to your connections, a world changer & obviously much more healthy, fit, uncluttered, organised & thriving than yesterday!

I wish you all the success! Stay Blessed!💐💐

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