Know-it-all’s Are Big Time Losers

People with know-it-all type nature are those who brag & overestimate themselves all the time even if they don’t actually have any idea of what they are talking about. Everybody knows them: At least, that’s what they believe 😂. They pretend to understand everything, they feel more than everybody, but in reality they are always misinformed.

It’s funny. These know-it-alls always want to prove how smart or knowledgeable they are. They take every opportunity to let you know that they already know everything.

These fools make continuously bad choices & mostly reach to the wrong conclusions. Their pretentiousness & high headedness robs them of the ability to realise their incompetence. Instead, they always have the mistaken impression that they are doing just fine & more than most of the real competent people.

Finally when failure occurs because of this overestimation, arrogance & know-it-all attitude, they will attribute it to some external factor, worldly issues, circumstances & blame others to protect their self-image. Most of these people never recognise & correct their errors, deficiencies, mistakes & incompetencies. Could you imagine, a know-it-all who says they or wrong, sorry? Not in a million years. They have a too big ego for that.. 😤

A big problem with know-it-alls is that for all they claim to know, they seriously don’t know if they know it all. It is not possible. They are unaware. That is a scary thought because it means if you or I are this type of stupid person then we’ll likely be the last ones to know if we are such people.

In this article I have tried a few of those things that might tell you that whether you are a know-it-all kind of person or not?

Go in Depth

While most of the successful people will try & understand the complexities of what they wish to do, wrestle with everything as if it is new & mostly don’t come to a black & white resolution quickly. But our dear Know-it-alls overlook most of details. They will not access the primary sources. Instead, they love broad summaries & information in bite-sized chunks.

Don’t Arrive At Conclusions Quickly

While most of the successful people will do deep thinking & take time before doing or saying anything. Our Know-it-alls habitually jump to fast conclusions before going into deep. Instead of first thinking whom else they need to talk with or what else they might need to learn before starting doing something or voicing an opinion, they will arrive at decisions only regret later.

Don’t Give Advice on Everything

While most of the successful people understand their limitations. They know what they don’t know. Our Know-it-alls have lots of advice to share, especially outside of their particular field. Whatever you will say or do, they will run to you to tell you how you should have done or they would have done it much better.

Listen To Understand

Ironically, most of our know-it-alls hate being on the receiving end of anything especially feedbacks. They don’t like opinions & details from someone who know it. Though they listen, but only to a select group of people of their choice & perhaps similar in nature – the know-it-alls only. Listening well will benifit only when you hear those who has some different perspective.

Unfortunately, these days whether it is news room or dinning table, “know-it-all”ism is dominating our discussions. People who are not experts & who are not successful in any damn thing are dictating the terms. You can very well imagine the affect & result. 😢

Dive Deep Instead

Good people, I mean most of the successful people are not know-it-all type. In fact, no one can know everything. The depth & details require intense amount of time most of these people don’t have.

Successful people know it very well that they have to work hard at becoming knowledgeable. This doesn’t mean you must start trying to learn everything. Who can? Instead, you must first find your passion, intent or field of study & dive in deep. ✌️

Except a few, mostly people don’t want to listen to anyone’s pretentious stories. Let them blame you also for not being nice to them. Over a period of time, I have learnt that it is a complete waste of time to try to share knowledge with a know-it-all person. What’s the point? They already know it all. 😂

But for you who is not a know-it-all person, knowing nothing is wisdom.

Believe me, at the end of the day, know-it-alls are big time losers. Let you stop behaving like them. I repeat the words of great Socrates:

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”


For me & a lot of others this is a universal truth that: We know nothing.

All I have tried to tell you in this article that with every passing day, let you realise that there are gaps in your knowledge & that you have to fill in those gaps to become more informed, knowledgeable, enlightened, aware & awake.

Don’t try to be pretentious. Be authentic in your thoughts, sayings & deeds. Don’t try to make yourself seem better, smarter, more talented, or more important than you actually are. Stay Being Your True & Blessed Self!

I wish you all the best! 💐💐

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