Don’t Allow Your Great Self To Perish In Your Lonely Frustrations!

You know this & I repeat that you can be anything you want to be.

If this is true, then why should you choose to be less than you should be? Why should you choose to be shitty, crappy or lousy person all the time? For how long you want to remain so insignificant that you don’t matter anything to this world. What is the need to continue being a person of no purpose, no mission, no value & nothing to contribute to anyone around you?????

It’s so easy to believe that everything is too hard & that you will never amount to anything. I’m here to remind you once again that this thought is a completely bullshit! Believe me you are much more than you think you can ever be. You are a Hero & special, you have all the talents, capabilities & strengths to do great things. 👑👑

Do not allow this thought, your uniqueness & your hero to perish in your lonely frustrations, disappointments & desperateness. The world you desire can surely be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible & it surely can be yours.✌️

All you need to do is to allow yourself to cross the swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all & of all the hopelessness you have created for yourself to reach the other side of magnificence.

One more thing… please stop waiting for the bloody magical springboard to show up & launch you to the other side. There is nothing like this 🤣. Instead, let you immediately begin to explore your exceptional inner self for everything that is hidden in you. Let you quickly start doing the real things & learn those skills that you can acquire only by doing, I mean something like learning how to fly after jumping off the cliff. 🛩️

Let your explorations, thoughts, attention & sincere efforts bring you extraordinary levels of success, happiness, fulfillment & accomplishment, much sooner than you can think or imagine.

My wishes are with with you! Stay Being Your Awesome Self! 💐💐

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