Overcome All The Hatred, Greed & Delusions!

You don’t need to go to a new planet to live a healthy, happier & successful life. I mean you can achieve everything what other great guys have attained while living in this same toxic world. Infact I will say that Now is the best time to do what you think great is.

I agree to the fact that our world is completely changed in last couple of decades. It has seen more chemicals, toxins, poverty, silent wars, anger, oppressions, cruelty, deceptions, hatred & pandemics than ever before in its history. Leaving technology apart, which obviously has made our lives a whole lot better & easy, world’s increasing greed, hatred & delusions have given rise to diseases, divides, isolations, recessions & is leading an already fragile & overspent world economy to a complete bankruptcy. 😢

How to live happily in this conflicting atmosphere is one of the great challenges we face now.

I mean how can you numb yourself to all that is going around yourself. You obviously can’t escape the anger that arises when you see sadhus are being killed in palghar or a black man being killed by police in US or when you see a cow & elephant is being killed heinously. It is really difficult to hold resentment at somone flying away after doing a fraud in daylight & still living fearlessly & luxuriously or your big corporates & banks are suddenly being closed & ofcourse how can you restrain your disgust when you see advertisements that promise happiness with the purchase of a new piece of clothing. 😤😷😤

But according to our hindu philosophies, you mustn’t be swept away by all these gloomy feelings otherwise you will be replicating the very qualities in your actions & reactions that you disapprove. When you see a peace protestor who spits on the police personnel- it is a similar act of hatred that drives that unjustified battle against the people. 🤗

Telling people that only witness these problems from a distance & let them go, understand their root cause & then deal with them appropriately or cultivate a positive attitude, which automatically will counteract these negative situations & feelings or meditate & pray more or avoid situations in which these conflicts arise & so on is very easy. But in my experience, none of these meaningless tricks & attitudes work in the long run. They may sound good in theory, but when we are caught in the agony of these powerful traps, then these theories are not very helpful. They seem to work only as long as we are teaching them to others.

You can’t & you shouldn’t run away from things happening all around. You need to remain engaged with your world & learn to accept & deal with all the feelings that arise around, the anger, the wish to shutdown, the resentment, fear & disgust, all the headaches & the heartbreaks.

You only have to learn to control your inner response & your outer response to live happily, meaningfully & successfully while dealing with all the nonsense happening around.

It is not only controlling your responses, sometimes you have to certainly accept & adopt laid down procedures & techniques to heal yourself & others.

I mean for example the process, system & procedures to fight with pandemic like this, you have to use mask, hand wash properly & frequently, drink immunity booster potions, eat vitamin-C & get enough oxygen by breathing diaphragmatically (Pranayama by sitting in erect position). Nothing else will save you from corona.

While I am not all saying that you must not become disengaged with the society, you must stop your mind from getting too disturbed by the external world. You must adopt some practices, routines, lifestyles & habits that looks great to you & help you to lead a healthy, successful, fulfilling & satisfying life. You must become sincere & pour your whole heart into your chosen practices. Remember that your whole heart will be in the practice only when you understand how crucial your practice is. If you believed that it is the most important part of your life—more important than your existing eight or ten hours routine, you would certainly do it.

When you play a game, you don’t look around for a second, either because of the fear of getting your player killed or because you love your game so much that you are eager to get started it in the morning as the first thing. If you only realize that you will lose your life if you neglect practicing good routines, lifestyles & habits then you would put more emphasis on some good practices. If you fall in love with your practices, routines & janiye then skipping these will become unbearable. This is what you call the role of knowledge—know what is important & eternal. ✌️

Let your wish for your beloved ones to be happy, healthy & successful, whether they are kind, lovable, wise or not, continuously protect your own heart from the poison of hatred, greed & delusions. Let all your actions & reactions be motivated by only love for them.

Consider that those who act hatefully, cruelly & unwisely are trapped in their own sufferings, lost in brutal worldview that plagues their minds & has corrupted their lives so that you can remain compassionate about these harasser, narcissists, dictators & oppressors of your world. 🤗

Another thing, please stop reading every detail of every story of misery, brutality, pandemics & wars. Please remind yourself that you already know that’s what you are going to be seeing everywhere. You seriously need to figure out how to be informed without being overwhelmed.

Let you feel joy inside & constantly appreciate your life, even with all it’s pains & sufferings. Otherwise tell me why your life is so dear to you if it holds no joy? 🤔

Let you also feel joy all around outside in this world which looks be engaged fully in conflicts & sufferings. But my dear friend, if this was the only side then you wouldn’t have read this article to save not only yourself but to save your world. Believe me, your world is worth saving. The ugly side of the world is only a part of the story, the part that gets your major attention. Most of the moments of caring, of generosity & sacrifice, of beauty & inspiration, of success & greatness, never make it into the headlines or perhaps you don’t read.

You remain focused only on the stories that are about the anomalies – I mean only those that are about the “man bites dog”. But the reality is that most people are living lives of peace, harmony & love with their families, neighbors & their dogs. It is pertinent to remember that all that you watch & read are inflated versions of claims & conflicts so that they gain outsize revenue, TRP ratings, importance & significance. There is hardly anything for you. 🤣

Let you learn to pay attention to the quieter events, the ones that more truly define your joyful & meaningful life.

Practice making your nervous system strong enough so that it doesn’t get disturbed easily by evil thoughts, negative feelings, fears, hurts or regrets. Let you prevent your love & beliefs from becoming foolish & blind. Let your kindness & compassion doesn’t burn out on people’s reactions. Let your joy doesn’t overload you into mindless elation.

Remember that you can’t control & save the whole world or the people in it. You only need to do as it deems fit & good to you without consuming yourself completely. My article is not advising you to become passive or apathetic to everything & everyone. No, not at all. Infact, you need to socially engage with politics or economics or any other issue that is going in your mind or world. All I am saying is, just do everything with the larger understanding that there is no permanent solution to the greeds, toxins, delusions & deceptions. As a good human being, you can’t put yourself above anyone or live in a way that suggest that you are different or better than anyone. I am only saying that you need to change your views of the world & the way you act or react.

Before I end my longer than the usual article, I must remind you to also try eating only organic & home cooked food to minimize your toxic exposures. Replace all the chemical soaps, cleaners, detergents & disinfectants with those labeled nontoxic, especially those with plant-based ingredients. Breathe fresh air by having fresh household plants inside your house & work-spaces. Check what are you putting on your face, your arms & your legs? Remind yourself that – If you can’t eat what’s on your skin, don’t rub it in. Use only home made beauty remedies & natural fragrances. Drink clean water & stop using ice or refrigerated chilled water in normal practice except the evening parties. Finally Sweat more, walk 10000 steps everyday, no matter what. 🏃

Let you remind yourself that you are not alone in your journey. Take good care of yourself while continuing to hope & trying to overcome all the nonsensical hatred, greed & delusions.

Let God guide you & help you to do more of those things that bring you more fitness, happiness, peace, sufficiency & leaps beyond measure. Stay Blessed! 💐

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