The key to keep going & grow is in your pockets.

Let me remind you once again that every life is full of highs & lows, perceived as “good” & “bad”. Only difference is that successful people get themselves out of bad spots more quickly than anyone else. You too can learn how to adapt the situations & how to rapidly come out of these bad spots.

I repeat, no matter how much you try to avoid negative events, they always will find you & force you to soak in your own miseries, foolishness & think you don’t have what it takes to keep going. No. That is not true! The truth is that you’re radiant & skilled like any other superstar & hold so much wisdom in your heart. Please remind yourself frequently.

In trying to hold yourself, cope with whatever is happening to you, your biggest mistake can be thinking that someday it’ll be over & everything will just fall into your laps. The truth is things will never get easier & it is you always who have to find better ways in overcoming obstacles & learn to not dwell on them as much. So the key to keep going & grow is in your pockets. 🥂

Let you gather all the abilities, innate talents, wisdom to cut through all that holds you down, find emotional & physical balance, think more clearly & advocate for yourself so that you can take a course of action that makes sense & feel more in command of your life. 👑

Let every low, hardship & bad situation make you stronger & help you grow. Let the trying times motivate you to look within to empower yourself to take full control of your life to be your own hero, The Superstar. 🙏

Let your interpretations, thoughts, actions & reactions help you to rise up & overcome every situation so that you can celebrate your achievements more & more! Stay Blessed 💐

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