Unfolding of events is real & in your favor.

Today I wish if we all can surrender to what is, let go of what was & have faith in what will be. Let you begin to trust that everything is unfolding the way it is supposed to & so many great things are waiting for you around the corner. 🤞🏼

You will soon see that every moment was leading you to what you deserve. Believe me this unfolding of events is real & in your favor. 🥂

All I am saying that you must stop spending your time crying over milk that’s already spilled & make yourself available to consciously & joyfully experience the effortless unfolding of life. It’s happening anyway. Why miss it? 😂

But this is not that you sit back & start relaxing. This is also not that you shouldn’t be responsible for your actions & reactions. I mean how are you ever going to get a life that you are only dreaming right now if you are not willing to go out there & get it? 🤔

It means that if you keep going, you will surely get to where you want to be. It means that you will reap what you sow. That means you have to certainly go out & work hard to plant those seeds which you want to enjoy later. The universe can only unfold how it should if you set your intentions first, if you focus rightly, work dedicatedly & if you know clearly about what you want.

When I said “surrender to what is & everything will unfold the way it is supposed to be” I wanted to say only about noticing & enjoying the unfolding.

If you keep calm & continue flying, exploring, dreaming & discovering – strange co-incidences will occur & so many great opportunities will present themselves all throughout effortlessly.

All I am saying today is – Live your life in tandem with the higher will. Follow the Universe wisdom which is seeking to guide you. Bringing your will in line with the Universe will allow you to move with grace & peace through each & every day.

Stay Being One With Life & Be Inspired By Your Potential.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐💐

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