Stop being a naïve & I know all type of person!

Slightly unusual today, but I wish to ask you to stop following all the gimmicks, trends, lies & clichés. Stop falling for the bullshit.

Stop being a lamb like person who can be deceived easily by anyone. Let you stop becoming victim of cons by falling easily for scams, ponzy schemes & too good to be true things. It is too dangerous for you & your world to be foolish & ignorant anymore.

It is not always naives who are trapped but those who think they know all are also subject to be duped. They fall into the trap of self-deception & thereby deceived by others. More easily than the innocent people.

Remember, self-deception obscures the truth about ourselves, corrupts our view of others, our reality & our circumstances. It impede our ability to make wise & helpful decisions.

Believe me if you will check with 100 people who got fooled, you will find 80 are the ones who first manage to fool themselves. 😂

Most of the naives or these I know all type of experts become prey to predators because they think & act totally ignoring & rejecting all the hints from reality & their guts.

You can not stay oblivious of what goes on in your surroundings or in the world in general but you can always stop behaving like children, appearing naive & believing you are perfect & know everything.

Unlike these fake successful people & experts who would always deny that they have ever fallen for frauds, you should admit your mistake without drama & improve.

Try to look for commonalities & examine your history of successes & mistakes. Let you continuously learn to recognize patterns in your own decision-making, for good or ill.

Let you learn & practice being in charge of yourself, your thoughts, words, your actions, your responses & your decisions. Let you do not get tired of your deliberations, cautions, precautions, analytical approaches & hearing other’s opinions. Learn to listen to your intuition & understand what your gut tells you all along.

Let you learn to improve & refine your decision/ choice making process & create the right plan of actions. Always remember that you can’t go wrong by going right.

Let God grant you strength & wisdom in all your decisions so that your good efforts & deeds become more & more successful. Best wishes & Blessings 💐

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