Put others off the hook & stop using them as your excuses!

Let me remind you that it is okay for not being able to get rid of all the negative emotions completely. Not everyone can do it. But you can surely learn to Manage & Process them.

Today, I invite you to release all judgements, biases, prejudices & projections. This can easily be done by becoming a bit more aware of when you are blaming & projecting on others. Believe me this realisation itself will bring lot of change in your life.

You must slowly learn to tolerate & perhaps even start liking people who think, act & feel very differently than you do. You need to do it sooner or later for feeling good, to be successful & fulfilled.

You need to remind yourself again & again that your environment, surrounding & others are less responsible for what you are feeling, thinking, saying, doing or experiencing as much as you are.

Remember your happiness, success & health depends only on you & not others. Please put all others off the hook & stop using them as your excuses for not feeling good, for not doing so well & for your mistakes.

Remember, nobody can make you think, feel, say or do anything forcefully. Nobody can push your buttons, because you are the button maker. When you take responsibility for your life & experience, you begin your journey to success & fulfilment.

Only your decisions, choices, actions & reactions are reasons of your rewards & consequences.

Once you understand what I said, you stop relying much on others to help you live the kind of life you want or blaming them for things that don’t work out as you hoped.

I mean for God sake start taking responsibility of your life by repeating to yourself what you want out of life, building a plan on how to achieve it, by consciously taking decisions & doing things that take you closer to achieving your desires, hopes & dreams.

I sincerely wish if this note can inspire you to kick start something you were delaying, mend a broken relationship, dull your pain, reinvigorate your passions, restore your joy & strength. I wish if it can help you waking up today with a clear purpose, to tackle things that matter most to you & do everything that will bring you closer to your dreams to live a better life.

Stay Blessed 💐

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