Stop allowing your egos & emotions to run your show!

Today I wish to remind you to keep paying attention to how you respond to people, places & situations.

Remember your power lies within your daily decisions/ choices about what you think, what you say & what you do, regardless of your circumstances & situations.

You generally blame your circumstances & mostly, other people for your failures, suffering & unhappiness. This is understandable 🤣. Obviously it’s much easier, after all, to look outside yourself & place blame where you see fit.

I agree that there are so many unreasonable, unkind & unfair event & circumstances all over. I also agree to the fact that there are so many people who do not recognise your worth, merits & your contributions. I agree that their words, thoughts, opinions & actions are completely outside of your control.

But you can always, always choose your response. No matter what the situation is, no matter what happens to you, your reaction is 100% in your control. Isn’t it a good news?

For God sake stop controlling other people’s opinions of you, stop controlling their habits, words, tendencies & also stop controlling your circumstances, situations & conditions. No benefit of controlling the uncontrollables. Don’t waste your time & energy.

Stop reacting stupidly when you know you can respond better.

Stop allowing your egos & emotions to run your show. Often with dire results.

I know it is not that easy to choose measured, calm, considerate & strategic response to situations, circumstances, events, challenges & conversations, but it’s really worth doing if your goal is to live your happiest, healthiest, fulfilling & most successful life. 🥂

Let God turn all your chaos into order & flood your life with happiness, joy, peace & harmony. Blessings 💐

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